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The IX Logo
Adam J. Carswell’s IX logo represents freedom and unity. Subliminally hidden within the IX lies the number 9, Adam’s number. The number 9 represents finality; everything happens for a reason.
Citizens of the World logo
The flag design signifies our homeland has no borders.  The world is our home, not just the countries we reside in.  Therefore, we are citizens of the world!
Untitled (Video Series)
This series has a wide variety of content which is intended to inspire others through Adam's creativity.  He did not want to create a series focused on one topic. Hence the name, Untitled.  This name was also chosen because he believes in living life unlabeled.
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Dream Chasers Series
Dream Chasers is a podcast started by Adam where he interviews individuals with supernatural amounts of potential based on early success in their careers.
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